Published on: 17 May 2023
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Close to nature? In the middle of it!

Today’s blog is for lovers of walking and hiking, but we are sure that even those who are not active hikers will be inspired by the beautiful scenery. If you want to spend your free time with active relaxation, then Băile Tușnad may be an ideal choice for you for both relaxation and hiking.

Băile Tușnad is a wonderful mountain resort that offers many opportunities for nature lovers. Now that the good weather has arrived, it is worth taking advantage of the many hiking trails that are located around the hotel. We have collected 3 amazing hiking trails that would be a shame to miss.

1- Băile Tușnad – Apor bastion – Ludmilla belvedere. This route can be reached within an hour from the hotel. The Apor bastion offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area. From there, we can continue our journey to the Ludmilla belvedere, which awaits us with another wonderful panorama.

2- Băile Tușnad – Stânca Șoimilor This hiking trail may be a bit of a challenge due to its steep inclines. At the end of the trail is the Stânca Șoimilor belvedere, which offers a view of the Olt river valley and Băile Tușnad.

3- Băile Tușnad – Szent Anna Lake Lodge This route leads towards Szent Anna Lake and provides an opportunity to get to know the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings up close.

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