Published on: 7 February 2023
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Our “neighBEAR”

In the area around Băile Tușnad, bears are found in large numbers. The town is located at the intersection of the Ciuc and Harghita mountain ranges, making it a crossing point for bears when they move from one range to another. This increases the likelihood of human-bear encounters. The residents have learned to coexist with the wild animals. There are approximately 400 electric fences installed throughout the town to protect property from potential bear attacks, and a bear-proof waste container has also been created at the city level. If it proves effective during testing, all waste containers in the city will be replaced, eliminating the bears’ food source from garbage cans.

Some advice for those visiting our town:
• Bears generally avoid humans, so observe them from a safe distance.
• It’s possible to see bears during the day, but they are more active in spring and summer, and from dusk to dawn. It’s best to walk in the forest during the day and make some noise to give the bear the opportunity to avoid you.
• Don’t attempt to feed the bears if you see them.
• If you see a bear while driving, don’t follow it or get out of your car.