Visit Harghita

We show you some of the tourist attractions worth visiting. Whether you want to see monuments, natural attractions, caves, or museums, Harghita is the perfect choice.

St. Mary’s Church is one of the most well-known architectural monuments, being the most important pilgrimage site in Transylvania. Here, you can find the Golden Rose (Rosa d’Oro), a special gift offered by the Pope to churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This gift was brought by Pope Francis during his visit to Șumuleu Ciuc on June 1, 2019, as a sign of respect for the Holy Virgin. Currently, it is the only Papal Rose awarded in the Carpathian Basin.

Mini Transylvania Park is the only multicultural theme park with models of historical buildings from Romania. Located in Băile Szejke, near the town of Odorheiu Secuiesc.


Bobsled Track in Lunca de Sus: Located in the Lunca de Sus commune, it has quickly become an attraction for tourists visiting the Ghimeș area or adrenaline enthusiasts who come here specifically to experience this thrill. Besides the adrenaline rush, tourists can enjoy a unique landscape often compared to those seen in Austria or Switzerland.


Krausz Chocolate Workshop – Witness the crafting of artisanal chocolate, learn how a small cocoa bean becomes elegantly boxed, and taste a variety of chocolate flavors made from carefully chosen local ingredients.

Details: 0741 434 770

Visit to the Dairy Product Presentation and Preparation Workshop: The main goal of the workshop is for visitors to familiarize themselves with the production of cheeses and the ingredients used in the preparation of healthy dairy products. The cheese maturing process, the tools used for cheese making, and the maturation cellar where cheeses are treated for up to 4 years are presented on-site. Visitors can taste some of the most renowned raw milk cheeses, long-aged, and natural yogurts.

Details: 0735 735 155

Apitherapy House: Unique in Harghita, Mureș, and Covasna counties, this house has earned the trademark of the Szekler product. It was the third such house in Romania constructed to offer treatments by bees. Visitors are welcome in a beautiful environment, near a stream, with the possibility of a picnic, featuring our apitherapy house and our quality honey.

Details: 0741 534 995

Ivo (Izvoare) Wildlife Zoo Park: If you are interested in the life of wild animals in their natural environment, if you want to photograph or film them, we recommend the wildlife zoo park in Ivo (Izvoare). The park extends over 320 hectares, traversed by rivers and surrounded by mountains. In this picturesque region, deer, roe deer, and mouflons live in their natural habitat.


Dolls Museum – The Dolls Museum in Mădăraș presents a collection of dolls dressed in original Szekler folk costumes. The purpose of this private collection, started 25 years ago, is to find the original Szekler costume from Mădăraș, sew costumes from the original material to the size of the dolls, and preserve this tradition for posterity.

Details: 0747 246 657