Nature and surroundings

Băile Tușnad offers many attractions for tourists

OZON s.n. – A bluish gaseous body with a characteristic odor, the molecule of which consists of three oxygen atoms, found in nature or can be obtained by air discharge into the air and used as an antiseptic and organic synthesis. fr. ozone.

Băile Tușnad is one of the most beautiful resort towns in the country. A land flanked by the Harghita Mountains, crossed by the Olt River and mirrored by Lake Ciucas, a place where the tranquility and the beauty of the landscape complete the scenic landscape. Also nicknamed “Little Switzerland”, the town receives this name not only due to its geographic location in a mountainous area, but also due to the old Swiss-style buildings dating back to the 19th century. The main tourist attractions of this resort town are: Ciucaş Lake, Apor Bastion, Hawks’ Rock, St. Ana Lake, ski slope, Towers Rocks and, last but not least, mineral water springs used to treat various diseases.

Regarding the healing properties of these waters, there is a legend among the people which says that for a long time there was a field full of springs that splashed out loud on the surface, which the locals, because of the noisy sustenance, called it the “speaking field”.

According to legend, the curative qualities were discovered by a young shepherd who walked barefoot with his legs full of injuries. Passing repeatedly through the “speaking field,” it was not surprising when he discovered that his wounds had been healed as if by magic. The news of the miraculous waters of the speaking field quickly spread through the surrounding villages, and so the springs began to attract more and more visitors.