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Magenta 7 Discover the REAL side of Transylvania, live it with local guides!

The Domain Countryside: Time Travel

Stone fences, verandas, fireplaces, a few hectares of land, houses from an ancient world – these are just a few elements you will encounter here. We invite you to travel back in time to the countryside of the domain: we fly back to the past to the village containing the most domains in Romania, relive the past at the Haszmann Pál Museum, and trace the legends.

Program duration: 7 hours, including a traditional picnic. Distance: approximately 40 km by private car between the first and last points of interest. Minimum number of participants: 4. Maximum number of participants: 15-20.

Program highlights:

  • Strolling in the village of Bikfalva, the village of domains.
  • Visiting the legendary town of Ika.
  • Picnic in nature with traditional foods.
  • Time travel at the Haszmann Pál Museum, where every age group will find something very interesting.
  • Local guide.

Adventurous Day in the Barót Region

Would you like to learn about the legend, wildlife, and vegetation of a beautiful natural location? Do you want to explore unique caves, search for bats, and cross hanging bridges over the stream? Over a hundred caves and high rocks have been the subject of numerous legends over time. After the tour, we will visit a family of furniture makers and woodcarvers, then head to Kisbacon, where we will satisfy our hunger with a lunch made from local products and learn how to bake the famous chimney cake, also known as Szekler cake. Last but not least, we will visit a still-operating watermill.

Program duration: 6-7 hours, including a traditional meal. Distance by private car: up to 140 km from the hotel. Minimum number of participants: 4. Maximum number of participants: 15.

Program highlights:

  • Hike in the Vargyaș Gorge, with brief visits to the unexplored caves.
  • Visit to the Sütő family, a furniture maker and woodcarver family with a 400-year tradition.
  • Picnic with local products.
  • Chimney cake baking.
  • Visit to a working watermill.
  • Traditional Village Day

Would you like to explore a unique traditional village? See how the locals live and work? Learn from the elders of the area, feel the taste of a small community’s past that has managed to survive. Curious why the new king of Great Britain visits here every year? Come with us to the Zalán Valley!

Program duration: 6 hours. Minimum number of participants: 4. Maximum number of participants: 10-12.

Program highlights:

  • Tea at the royal guesthouse in the Zalán Valley.
  • Trying the traditional mofeta.
  • Visit to the village museum.
  • Simple lunch with the locals.
  • Horse-drawn carriage or sleigh ride.
  • Local guide.

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