Room reservation

Reservations by phone
To make reservations by phone, please call 0040-266-335 406

Additional services available for organized events

To get really worth a stay on request we can arrange various recreation programs or development of team spirit programs:


  •  campfire with “Palinca”, a glass of wine, regional cake (kurtos kalacs), guitar chords,
  • meals served outdoor,
  • cooked outdoor meals (veal roast, barbeque, goulash soup, etc.),
  •  indoor or outdoor team-building exercises with qualified personnel,
  • rafting on the river Olt from groups of 5-6 people up to 100-150 people,
  • DJ services,
  • Thematic parties (carnival, purple man, Halloween),
  • Folklore program,
  •  presentation of local traditional products (sausages, bakery, dairy products, drinks, etc.),
  • hiking trips (Falcon’s Peak, Apor’s Tower, Saint Ane’s Lake, etc),
  • Wine tasting events, 

The range of activities may be extended to suit your preferences. For details regarding the organization of such programs please contact the reception.